Introducing: FocusPLUS PRO

FocusPLUS PRO is a motorized, ultra-precise follow focus controllable by edelkrone APP, edelkrone Controller, or even by hand.

It operates as a stand-alone solution or with all edelkrone motion control setups that include the new HeadPLUS v2 or the previous generation HeadPLUS (v1).

When used with HeadPLUS v2, FocusPLUS PRO keeps the target in the frame and in focus. FocusPLUS PRO operates with a single LP-E6 battery or with an AC/DC adapter.

There are so many advantages of the new follow focus, however, the biggest news is that FocusPLUS PRO can be also hand-controlled, which is the easiest way to control motion control products! Just set your camera's position by hand, focus on your object, and store that multi-axis keypose for later use!

Here are the outstanding features that come with new FocusPLUS PRO:

  • Wireless edelkrone ecosystem integration,
  • Fast & simple programming,
  • Stand-alone solution with long lasting LP-E6 battery,
  • Hand control,
  • Zero noise & backlash free,
  • 6 Keyposes with edelkrone App / 3 Keyposes with edelkrone Controller,
  • Ready for PRO lenses,
  • FocusPLUS PRO even includes a Link port for future extensibility.

FocusPLUS PRO is now available to buy here.

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