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Josh T.
United States United States
It’s not a turntable kit

It’s just the top to the turn table. It’s not a turntable on it’s own.


Hello Josh, thank you for taking the time to provide us with a review of the Product Turntable Kit. I would kindly like to mention that the Technical Specs for the Kit do mention that a HeadONE, Pan PRO, or DollyONE is required to use the Kit. Thank you again and please let us know if you have any questions.

A edelkrone Customer
Frank M.
Germany Germany
A great addtion to my gear

I have motorized Lazy Susans, but they were for smaller objects. With this one, I can screw it onto my HeadOne and use as is, or I can lay a larger black glass plate on top to hold bigger objects. Its design is flawless and the balck reflection is of a high quality!

Alaa E.
United States United States
Confusing advertising

First I was upset and had no idea I paid almost $100 for literally a black piece of materiel. To find out later I still had to buy the 400$ motor for it. Don’t call it a turn table when it’s not!

Mohd A.
Bahrain Bahrain
Expected complete turn disk

Photo of item in order form showing motion turning unit under the glass disk included but is not the case !!!

Harald Ø.
Norway Norway

Much too small - useless for bigger products than jewelry. Wish it was twice the size.

Ayrton C.
United States United States

THE EDELKRONE needs assembly which I do not own. There was no quick way of cancelling my order so it came to me despite sending an email to your team about cancelling it. I am going to the UPS store today to send it back.

Christopher K.
United States United States
Cool little turntable

Great addition to my setup, and I love how a simple accessory can double my pan pro for other uses!

Andreas L.
Austria Austria
Product images do not show the real thing

I bought the turntable for shooting small things in front of white background. The black glossy turntable works great. But the white one has a clearly visible white circle of approximately 5 cm diameter in the middle (where the metal screw-on part is glued. This is something I wish I knew before the purchase because I have to diy a solution. But it works for bigger items, which cover up the middle.

edelkrone Product Turntable Kit v2 Review
Frederic N.
Canada Canada
Name of product confusing, I thought this was a turntable, turns out it's just a table that doesn't turn. You need to buy more to make it turn...

I honestly thought this was a turn table. Yes it did seem cheap and that's why I didn't put too much attention when buying it. Just added it to the cart and said hey this would be useful. Almost every single image on the website for this kit has an electronic motor underneath, making me think it was included. So now I'm stuck with to round pieces that are completely useless. Not too bothered with it, just putting it out there cause it's not clear enough on the website. A turntable kit usually would include a kit, not part of a kit. There's not even something to spin it on, to why not call it round piece of glass for a turntable (sold separately) or something more obvious.

Sebastian K.
Germany Germany
Awesome Turntable for productshots

How good just a simple turntable can be! Don't ever want to work without it again!

Andy S.
United States United States
One glaring problem.

If you bought this for use on the Pan aware that none of the time lapse or stop motion functions work. All you can do is spin it *UNLESS* you have a slider module or some other pair-able module with a camera trigger. This was not apparent on the site nor mentioned even in the instructions. Otherwise it’s well built and WOULD do the job. Hoping for a fix.